Saturday, December 31, 2011

setting goals

the last while has been very very difficult with Jeffrey. He has not be the fun easy going child that we know and love. He has been tantrum central, disobedient and a host of other things. Today Chris and I decided that we would start off the day with a clean slate for him. I was amazed with Chris's patience with him today. When everyone woke up we asked them what there goal for the day was. Jeffrey said his was to be happy. Mine, Will's and Annmarie's was to not yell. Jed's was to not hit and Chris's was to be nice. We talked about the goals after Jeffrey's one and only!!! breakdown of the day. We all (except Jed because he apparently does everything right ;) ) said we had done well but still needed some work. I love that my kids have been happy today! I love that we decided not to hold the last day over Jeffrey's head. We are thankful that we had suggestions from friends and prayed for answers. Mostly today I am happy for a happy family!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Will and Chris

So yesterday I twisted my ankle really really good. Like I couldn't walk much after 1pm. After a blessing and some tylonel (yeah I can't take the stuff that actually works) It felt a little better but when I woke this morning. I had no issue walking on it. I have a belief that the healing was quicker than normal do to a priesthood blessing. I am so thankful that Chris is a great man and honors his priesthood. So glad he choose me almost 11 years ago.

On Friday's at the Y there is a class I attend that has about 8 stations and we rotate through them 2 times. There are very few weighs. Will has attended with me over the summer. I told him he could come with us this morning. He was so excited. One of his first questions when he woke up was how my foot was. When I told him he was still going to class he was so excited. In class he was so cute. He ran hard. The regulars (those that know me and I typically attend classes with 1-3 times a week) were so awesome to him. they teased him. Ran with him and told me how good looking he is (can you see why I love this place?). He did great in class. He ran with Chris, I skipped that due to my foot, but I loved watching him use the Bosu and do push ups and bur-pees. So glad I go to a place that lets me bring my kids to class.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

playing with the kids

Today I twisted my ankle at my Y class. I was fine and we even went to 2 stores after. Well soon after I discovered that it really really hurts. I am strugging to walk etc, but I was on the couch and my chair and my kids were right there with me. At one point Will gave me a hug and then rubbed my ankle. It was so cute. I love when my kids help me out.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Going no where

Today I never left the house. It was great! plus there was no TV, computer or Wii until 1:30. Will and Annmarie, did laundry (washed/dried and folded towels) to earn privileges. Plus Will started reading Harry Potter. We figured that since he was asking a million questions we should let him read it. It doesn't matter that he reads slow (we make him read out loud, so he actually grasps things and doesn't skim over things. Chris is the big instigator in this one. So glad he knows what is important.


I got to go to the temple last night.  loved it!  So happy that I have a husband who will drive 2 hours each way and deal with the kids for 1 hour so I can go. Thanks Chris you're the best

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Seeing a father work hard

So today we went to JoAnn's to get some fabric for Birthday presents. When we came home Chris pulled out this huge box of jeans we were given and started making a quilt for Jeffrey out pf jean patches. Jeffrey is so excited. He has been asking for a quilt for months. I love that Chris takes the time to do things like this for his kids. Love that man!

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Last night Chris was very frustrated with the older 2 and their lack of anything about Christ for Christmas. So after the kids went to bed. We took all the presents and stockings and "put" them away. When they woke up this morning they came to our room (older 2) and we had them look up a time when Christ gave a gift to someone. It was a actually a really neat morning. Then after that and after a long talk about Christ and singing (very poorly) Silent night we went out front and Santa called my phone. We gave the kids their stockings and should have just left it at that. They needed nothing else. The first present we actually opened was from Jeff and Heather. It made me cry. There was a DVD of President Hinckley and then a book about Temples. The 2 photos of Christ and 2 of temples to hang in the kids room. So happy that was the first thing we opened. The rest of the day was nice and fun. Next year we have decided that we will be making presents for each other. and trying much harder to focus on Christ and the true meaning of Christmas.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

A day of mixed emotions

Today we were invited to a family in our new wards house to have a soup bar and make gingerbread trains. We had a blast there were 5 families there with 24 kids total. We had a great time getting to know more people in our ward. Such kind people and so thankful that they thought of us.

When we came home I couldn't wait any longer and emailed my Dad the link to the Video we created for them. It was photos of all their grandkids and kids with I am a child of God in the background. I love it. He called and said both he and my mom cried. Glad we had a small part in making something for my parents that they treasure.

I am happy that we stayed here for Christmas. But I am also sad tonight. My best friend (right behind Chris) now lives in Rochester and I was so excited to see here and spend time with her. I am really missing seeing her. She is the best kind of friend you can ever have. I miss and love her.

Friday, December 23, 2011

we are so odd

So this afternoon I was not feeling well. Like puking not feeling well. So I was sitting in the bathroom waiting and waiting. Chris comes in and stays in there for a good 10 min making me laugh smile and made me think we are the oddest couple ever. But hey we love each other and do really really weird things for each other. So glad that we are weird and we both still love each other especially because of that! Thanks Chris for making me smile.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

things being ok

Last night around 6:15 Jed decided he wanted to swan dive off the stool on to the wood floor. Needless to say he had the worst goose egg I have ever seen right on the top left of his forehead (Chris said silver dollar size at the bottom and it popped up about an inch). I have seen quite a few, but this one scared me more than any other one. After I got ice on it and was holding him Chris ran across the street to meet our neighbor who is LDS, and a 3rd year DO student (I was also told he was top 10% to) He kindly came over and looked at him. He said he might take him into the ER to make sure there was no fracture. He didn't think there was a concussion. After he left I was still freaked out. I called our Pediatrician's office (who is open 8-8 love that) and wait for the nurse to call back. in the mean time we put all of the other kids to bed and called on another friend who ran down the street to watch our kids while we took Jed to the ER. Before we got out the door the nurse called. She said we were doing great first aid (oh yeah I know my stuff) she said since he never lost consciousnesses that she thinks he should be OK. but to check on him every 30 min. So this calmed me down quite a bit. He had fallen asleep, which they said was OK. So we decided to have our other friend help Chris give him a blessing. I felt calm that we were OK not going to the Dr. Chris slept with him on the chair (to keep his head elevated) until 3am and then I took my turn. When he woke up this morning he was good ole Jed with a much much smaller bump. It is bruising pretty good. And it doesn't seem to faze him what happened. While at Costco he was jumping form bench to bench. Guess he didn't learn his lesson this time.
But I am so thankful for kind neighbors who, share their talents, who can give a blessing at a moments notice, and for a husband who is also worthy of his priesthood.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Kind kids

So after waking up this morning feeling terrible and only being able to take Benadryl I have never been so thank for for a few things. 1. that my older 2 are still in school 2. That the younger 2 were kind enough to let me float in and out of consciousness all morning long on the couch while they watched PBS and Netflix 3. That I have a husband who will not be mad that the house has not had any improvements made to it since he left for work this morning.

I am starting to be able to focus without feeling like my face is going to blow up and my eyes are going to close. I'm guessing I either have a bad head cold or so sinus issues. Thankfully the Bendadryl has helped. I have not taken more since this morning because I would like to sleep tonight.

late again

It seems with Chris home and not leaving early in the am, I stay up too late and cannot manage to post at night.
Yesterday I was having some sinus issues. Chris was so good to me. He did laundry, entertained the boys, dishes, dinner. I am so lucky! and in a small way glad we did not spend last night driving to NY. I feel terrible today and am glad to be home and not traveling.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas lights

last night we went and did a Christmas light drive through thing. It was great. Love love Christmas lights

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Really the best part of my day today was Chris. He is a great man, and I am so lucky to be with him.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


The best part about today was finishing my parents Christmas Present. The finished project is below until tomorrow, Then will be back up later. this is not the best version (that one is too big to post here). I am really pleased with how it turned out. So glad Chris was here to help!

Friday, December 16, 2011


Tonight Chris took Will and Jeffrey to his last YM activity (cooking outside over the fire) So Annmarie, Jed and I went and returned a few things to the mall and went looking for their person's presents. I have never seen people pick out presents for someone else so quickly! Jed was so funny. He found a sonic and tails plush toy and wouldn't put them down. We got some drinks and popcorn and sat and ate them. Love sending more individual time with the kids. We then came home and after a while Jed said he wanted to go to bed (2nd time in 3 days) so he put himself to bed while Annmarie came and read to me in my bed. I crashed before she did. It was a great night with these 2 kids.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


As I got home late from a Relief Society activity. The kids were up listening to the book of Mormon. The Chris went and put them all to bed. I love listening to that. He always makes them laugh and I love that.

Annmarie came down and hour later to tell us she finished yet another Junie B Jones book. (2nd in 2 days) man this girl likes to read :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I'm not going to lie. The best part of today was knowing that Chris is done with his finals, we are 1/2 way through law school, and he has a month off!!! not a stellar day but with this news that makes any day better

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

a light at the end of the tunnel

Tomorrow is Chris's last final!!! I cannot even begin to express how excited I am to have him home for the next month! The kids are so excited too. For prayers tonight Will started with please bless daddy to really really really really really really good on his test. It was so cute. Love that he knows how important doing well is. I am so thankful for a neighbor that has a heating pad. My low back has been killing me. not sure if it is because we flipped the bed or my body pillow is quarantined from the lice. But it has made a huge huge difference. So thankful for that.


Yesertday I had some great moments. but was really tired so I'm late

I was laying on my floor with a pillow and was joined by the younger 2 with their pillows. We had lots of fun ticking and just cuddling. Love these moments.

Watching Chris put the kids to bed last night was awesome. He was teasing them and wrestling. It was awesome! Love the man I married and love that he loves our kids

Sunday, December 11, 2011

good day

We went to our new ward today. It was nice. the people seem friendly and they all apparently knew we were coming.

but the best part of the day was sitting around the dinner table with the missionaries. we had 5 over tonight. 2 are headed home this week. And a missionary who was in our branch for the first 6 months of us being here is back. we were all so happy to see him. It is so nice to feel the spirit that they bring. Plus we enjoy the good discussions we have with them

Saturday, December 10, 2011

it is hard

When the night ends like it did tonight it is difficult to find the positives. I sit here typing while eating skittles and drinking cherry coke (no I don't really like it but the caffeine is a necessity). We discovered tonight at about 7:45 that 3 of our kids have lice. Now from what I can tell it is very very small. but none the less this now requires washing of all sheets, blankets, pillows, clothes, jackets etc that they have touched in what the last week? so yeah I cannot wait to see our water and electric bill next month. This also includes putting my body pillow in a trash bag and leaving it out of use for the next week or so. Then we discovered it has left us with about 3 blankets. guess I'm going to have to turn up the heater. so a positive about today. . . as Chris just gave me one. The van did not break down today. but in reality I got Marian's quilt re-tied. so I'm happy to be done with that, now just to bind it.

Friday, December 9, 2011

a chair

I have been searching craigslist and goodwill's for a cheap rocker type chair. The reason is so when The baby is up in his/Annmarie's room I will not have to bring him down, then back up. Well today at Goodwill we found one for a whopping $6!!! Plus we found 2 other chairs for the computer table and Chris's study table. 4 each. so yeah we had some good deals today.

plus Chris finished final 3 of 5 and spent the afternoon with us. And he got an internship for the spring!!! yeah so happy about that.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


A positive about today. . . seeing Will and Chris talk about some of the issues that Will is having at school. Also seeing Chris. somehow most days he can make me smile just by looking at him.

not going so well

as I sit here frustrated with many things I decided that I need to write them down. today has not been a stealer day. It started off normal. kids to school. off to the Y. Then we had a WIC appointment. They have toys the kids usually do pretty well. I guess Jeffrey did not get the lets be good memo. He has terrible. While I was talking to the lady he decided that he was going to ram his whole body (he is not a small 4 yr old) into me and my stomach because I would not let him have his insurance card. He did this repeatedly. Then used his hands to hit me. and then his head again to ram my stomach. Gotta love when you are in an appointment like that. The problem I face is with the growing belly I have I cannot restrain him like normal. Plus he is getting so stinking strong. While on the way home he yelled at me for being a bully. and being mean and not honest. gotta love that. Then 15 min later as we are almost home he has calmed down enough. He has spent the last hour being sent back to his room. I am a lot a bit frustrated with him and his behaviour lately. I know it is partly my fault as they have been watching more TV than normal, and I have not been able to follow through as well. Truth be told I'm just having a rotten day. hopefully by the end of it I will be able to find something positive to write about.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I don't sleep so well at night. Imagine that, being pregnant and not sleeping well. So needless to say Jed and I often take naps on the couch my chair my bed etc. Now Jeffrey who is usually getting into things actually does well when I nap. He watches TV plays on the computer. lately he has started coloring. Today I'm most thankful that he lets me nap, and doesn't trash the whole house! That is a major blessing for me.

After looking over Marian's quilt I was really unhappy with how I did on the bottom. so guess what? I untied it, used the seam ripper on the whole thing and will start afresh on it come next week. I realized I need to take my time and do it right.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

bitter sweet

Today was Chris's first final. He has been studying so much. We all really miss him. He was playing with the kids tonight and it just made me smile. There is nothing that I love more than to see the man of my dreams playing with our kids. I love him.

I also found out today that a very good friend is going through a miscarriage. My heart breaks for her and her family. I have been there and know that we all go through it differently. It made me realize once again how blessed I am to have the family I have. It also brought back the things I learned from when I sent through it. Mostly that my Heavenly Father knows me personally and loves me! such a powerful message that sadly had to come during such a sad time in my life

Monday, December 5, 2011

feeling like I did something

You ever have those days where it feels like you get nothing accomplished? Well I have way way to many. But today I actually got a few things done. I finished Tying Marian's quilt (not entirely happy with how it turned out but what can I do now right?) Wrote our Christmas letter and got 90% of the addresses ready to print out. I feel like I did something and that is what makes me happy right now.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Better day

Today 3 things
1. we had friends over for dinner. we sent the kids up stairs and they played for a good 30 min. So the adults ate dinner without the kids and then we fed the kids. Loved it!

2. While watching the first presidency devotional. After they showed the Video Jeffrey says I felt the spirit mom. I love that!

3. During a lesson today in Relief Society we were briefly talking about talents. I often find it difficult to think about what my talents are. As a youth I would say sports! but as an adult it is a little more difficult. We often think of the big things like musical, crafts etc. But today they talked about being kind, smiling, having patience, and other "little" things. I mentioned something. After the lesson a sister came up to me and told me that I have the talent of approachability. She said I was very easy to walk up to and talk to. I loved this because I never would have thought of it. My goal for the week is to come up with 20 talents (I know I might be stretching it a little) It is often so easy to see positive things in other but not in ourselves.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

A struggle

well the best part of today. . . probably seeing Jed drag laubdry baskets to the laundry room. he was helping me do laundry.

It has been a very long day. Chris left at 6:45 to go on a temple trip with the youth. it is 6pm and he is not home yet. I am achy and not feeling well so the house is trashed even more so than usual. Although Annmarie played at our neighbors house for about 4 hours today so that was heavenly! Cannot wait for finals to be over. Once Chris gets home he is headed to a different neighbors to study the night away. 1 1/2 more weeks!!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Good cop bad cop

I feel like I often get to play both roles here. With it being Finals time and Chris is busy studying etc I often have been told by one child that I am a meanie. another one just chooses to roll their eyes at me and thinks I don't notice. So Will has had all 4 of his bottom teeth pulled out by the dentist. He hates the shots etc. So when his front 2 teeth became loose on there own he was excited. Well over a week later they were still there. Chris and I had tried many ways to persuade him to let us take them out. Well anytime Chris got close to Will's mouth he would freak out. So this morning I resorted to bribing. I told him that if he let Daddy pull his teeth out he could play Harry Potter Lego (Wii). When he came home from school he tried a carrot. He wouldn't even put pressure on the teeth. Needless to say a hour later Chris came home and went upstairs. I hear screaming, but instantly know what is happening. about 1 min later Will comes running down to the bathroom crying. I asked Chris if he got it. He said he got 1. after Will calmed down a bit Chris said they needed to get the other one out. Will went and ran upstairs trying to hide from Chris. Well you can guess how it turned out. a few min's later they both came down. Will sobbing, Chris not so happy with him or myself for that matter. Chris said he hates playing the bad guy. I said try and explain to Will why this needed to happen. I loved listening to Chris tell Will about what happened to him as a kid and how he didn't want the same thing to happen to him. Will wanted to sit by both Chris and I at dinner and was very cuddly. After dinner he realized that he got to play the Wii (usually I only let them play on saturday's) he was so excited and I think has forgotten about the trauma caused by the teeth pulling.

The best part is Chris asked him to say "Sally sells seashells by the seashore." It was awesome. He couldn't get any s's out. I'm sure this sounds terrible as a parent to say but it is so adorable. I'm sure most 7 year old's do not agree here :)

We also went to our new ward (when Chris is released from YM's or Jan 1st) Christmas activity. It was a dessert night. That had a graham cracker house contest. Needless to say I know I am terrible at it so I left it to Chris and the kids and I went and sampled many desserts. Chris and I have an attack plan for next year. It was nice because we know maybe 2 people in the ward but about 5 or so came up and introduced themselves. They had all "heard" about us. and seemed excited we were there. Annmarie found out one of her classmates is in our ward. She was so excited to see that, as was I.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The best man ever

So there has been a bit of stress in our house lately. Law school, finals, the move, being pregnant. law books being stolen. Today at the Dr I found out I gained 7 lbs in 1 month. yeah this is not my favorite thing to write. Since finding that out (and the c-section has be scheduled for the 19th of Jan holy close) I have been a bit down. Chris left his phone at home so he emailed me. I emailed him with my sob story and told him to expect very little in the way of a clean house (not that it ever is) or dinner. He emailed me back this

Sorry about the weight thing.  You are doing marvelous.  The scale is not an indication of what a great wife and mother you are.  Ignore it.  Have faith the Lord will take care of us. 


I have the best man ever. I am so thankful for him, and am so lucky to have him in my life

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I have always enjoyed the fact that my kids are not clingy cuddly kids. Well some days its just nice. I was sitting in my recliner with Jed and he just snuggled right up to me as we watched Phineus and Ferb across the 2nd Dimension (really funny). Love when they do that :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


So today I got a text from Chris saying 911. I'm thinking he got in an accident something else along those lines has happened. Well as it turned out his Text books were stolen from the Law School. Funny huh, a bunch of people who are supposed to honest and upstanding. Well how is this a good part of the day. I found this out before the kids left for school. I told them and explained that they were really expensive etc. Then I said we needed to pray for Daddy. Annmarie speaks up and says "Daddy can have my money." (she has about $5 in her piggy bank). I love how selfless she was. How she just wanted to do all she could to help her Dad. Hopefully she keeps this up. By the end of the day Chris found out 4-5 other students had books stolen. He thinks he found his books on amazon and purchased one. Hopefully he will be able to figure out who did it and if they are in Law school they will be punished. Another positive of this situation was that Finals are next week. So having a text book to study from is vital right now. The Bookstore was out so Chris was blessed enough to have students and teachers loan him all the books that were stolen. Another Miracle in our lives. So here's to hoping that the person who stole the books is caught.

I have noticed how I don't write as much about me as I thought I would. I honestly think the reason is I find more happiness in my kids and Chris than I do else where. Also being pregnant tends to make me grumpy etc. so I don't always see myself in the best light right now.

Monday, November 28, 2011


I think this is the first day that I am struggling to find things to write about. Yesterday I was struggling with not having the knowledge that others who served a mission had. I.E. other women who got to devote 18 months to serving the Lord and really being able to study the scriptures. I woke up early today, this is beginning to be an unwanted habit, So I decided to read my scriptures since it was quiet. I read quite a bit. I think I learned somethings. What I think I got out of it was how it effected my whole day. I had my moments of cranky, stressed, and not happy. But as I look back over all the day went well. I realize this every time I read my scriptures in the morning. That I need to get better at reading them in the morning because just like when I had early morning seminary, it just makes your day better because you start with the spirit.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


The best part of today was watching and listening to Chris and Will read a book about WWII airplanes on the couch. Love to see them interact happily :) plus we watched/listened to a bunch of Church/Christmas songs on YouTube. Annmarie says "I know my Savior lives." as we were listening to that song. Love love love the positives about technology.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

where to start

Today other than a mid day melt-down from yours truly was really wonderful. It started at 4am when Jed came into my room. I got him a drink and he so nicely said "mom can you get me a pillow and blanket and I can sleep on the floor?" this was meant to be in my room. He said it so cute I had to oblige. He stayed for about 10 min then went back to his bed. Then Chris cleaned the bathrooms with the boys!!! can't beat that. I finished sewing the squares together on Marian's quilt. Now just the boarder and then the back and we are done with Christmas shopping!!! Yes I went on a date with Will today and we got the last of our presents. So happy to be done with that. We came home from the date and saw Chris and Annmarie sharing a blanket watching TV. So cute! Then even best of all Ohio St lost to Michigan in football. We then went as a family to the YMCA and went swimming. This is our new Y that is way close and they have an almost zero depth pool. The kids loved it. There was a little slide and other fun things. Such a great night. Now Chris is off studying (finals start in a little over a week) and we are watching Muppet's Christmas Carol. Such a great story and a great version. Today has been a great day. I'm so lucky and thankful for the wonderful blessings I have. I'm thankful I started writing this blog. It has helped me to look at the positives of each day (plus it will make the other blog much easier). I'm thankful for that.

Friday, November 25, 2011

low key

I must admit that the best part of my day was playing Harry Potter (1- 4) on the Wii. Yes Chris and I went and did Black Friday at Walmart. . . . not doing that one again. I cannot believe how people get over $50. But Will and I played for a long time tonight. It is amazing how quickly time goes. Jed crashed on the couch watching and Annmarie and Jeffrey had fun watching. Got all of the Christmas shopping done (minus 2 things from Costco that I can get tomorrow without the kids) It is so nice to be done with the shopping! now just to finish the quilt for Marian. It was so nice to have nothing to do and no place to go! Chris has started to study more since he has finals in a week!! I cannot believe how fast this semester has gone. I realized that my thoughts are very unorganized etc, but I'm OK with that because that is who I am.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Today was beautiful!!!! I think it was about 65 here. So awesome. Chris came to the YMCA and did my heat class with me. I loved it! so nice to have him there. Then we came home and he and the kids rode bikes and had a great time outside. Being the wonderful husband that he is he knows of my love to decorate for Christmas. He brought all the boxes in the house (so sad I am down to 3 boxes!!! where did it all go!) The we decorated with the help of the kids. There were 4 wood uncolored ornaments left from last year and they colored them and hung them on the tree. I have come to the realization that our tree will never be beautiful by the standards of the world but I love the miss matched craziness that is my kids stuff. I cannot express in the right words how much I love my little family and the rest of my family. I could not be more blessed with the wonderful family that I have.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

1.99 happy meals

Jeffrey was at a birthday party and we were trying to find something for the other kids to do so they didn't feel so "left out." Well I remember that McDonald's has 1.99 happy meals on Wednesdays. So needless to say My other 3 kids think Chris and I are awesome parents because they got a new toy. . . and some food to go with it. I am amazed at how much entertainment these toys can bring.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Date night!

Since there is no school for Chris or the kids tomorrow our neighbor kindly watch our kids so Chris and I could go out. It is so nice to have time to talk about the kids, school, life etc without interruption.

another thing Will choked his brother today (this has happened before) while at the neighbors. Usually this behavior is reserved for just Chris and I. The part I liked best about this, yes there is a positive side. Was that I just spent about 15 minuets talking with him about good choices vs bad choice. and asking Heavenly Father for forgiveness. What blew me away was he said he hadn't made covenants with Heavenly Father yet. He is 7 and knows first off that word and how to use it in the correct context. We talked about the love his parents and Heavenly Father and Jesus have for him. I got to tell him a little bit about what the atonement really means (forgiveness). I'm so glad that I took the time to sit and talk with him on his bed so I could bear my testimony to him. I'm so glad I have a son who I know when he goes other places will make the correct choice. I love him and love the example he is to me and how much he knows about the gospel at such a young age. Thank you Heavenly Father for sending such a good child to me.

As I was getting up to leave the boys room Jed says mom help me with my prayers. I love that he wants to say his prayers and that he helps me to remember to ask all the kids to say their prayers

I then went into Annmarie's room and what is she reading? The picture Book of Mormon. Sometimes I wonder why I am so lucky to have such great kids. Thanks again Heavenly Father.

Monday, November 21, 2011


Why did I choose another blog. Well because I wanted to remember the good moments of each day. There will be very few photos here. This is a goal for the new year. 1 positive moment of each day. I'm just getting a jump on it early. Plus I've decided that I really need to focus on positive things from each day.

So best moment of today - Taking a nap with Jed (he was sick last night) then having Jeffrey come get in bed too. I was a mommy sandwich between 2 of my favorite boys. I love being a mom, and I love my kids!