Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I have always enjoyed the fact that my kids are not clingy cuddly kids. Well some days its just nice. I was sitting in my recliner with Jed and he just snuggled right up to me as we watched Phineus and Ferb across the 2nd Dimension (really funny). Love when they do that :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


So today I got a text from Chris saying 911. I'm thinking he got in an accident something else along those lines has happened. Well as it turned out his Text books were stolen from the Law School. Funny huh, a bunch of people who are supposed to honest and upstanding. Well how is this a good part of the day. I found this out before the kids left for school. I told them and explained that they were really expensive etc. Then I said we needed to pray for Daddy. Annmarie speaks up and says "Daddy can have my money." (she has about $5 in her piggy bank). I love how selfless she was. How she just wanted to do all she could to help her Dad. Hopefully she keeps this up. By the end of the day Chris found out 4-5 other students had books stolen. He thinks he found his books on amazon and purchased one. Hopefully he will be able to figure out who did it and if they are in Law school they will be punished. Another positive of this situation was that Finals are next week. So having a text book to study from is vital right now. The Bookstore was out so Chris was blessed enough to have students and teachers loan him all the books that were stolen. Another Miracle in our lives. So here's to hoping that the person who stole the books is caught.

I have noticed how I don't write as much about me as I thought I would. I honestly think the reason is I find more happiness in my kids and Chris than I do else where. Also being pregnant tends to make me grumpy etc. so I don't always see myself in the best light right now.

Monday, November 28, 2011


I think this is the first day that I am struggling to find things to write about. Yesterday I was struggling with not having the knowledge that others who served a mission had. I.E. other women who got to devote 18 months to serving the Lord and really being able to study the scriptures. I woke up early today, this is beginning to be an unwanted habit, So I decided to read my scriptures since it was quiet. I read quite a bit. I think I learned somethings. What I think I got out of it was how it effected my whole day. I had my moments of cranky, stressed, and not happy. But as I look back over all the day went well. I realize this every time I read my scriptures in the morning. That I need to get better at reading them in the morning because just like when I had early morning seminary, it just makes your day better because you start with the spirit.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


The best part of today was watching and listening to Chris and Will read a book about WWII airplanes on the couch. Love to see them interact happily :) plus we watched/listened to a bunch of Church/Christmas songs on YouTube. Annmarie says "I know my Savior lives." as we were listening to that song. Love love love the positives about technology.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

where to start

Today other than a mid day melt-down from yours truly was really wonderful. It started at 4am when Jed came into my room. I got him a drink and he so nicely said "mom can you get me a pillow and blanket and I can sleep on the floor?" this was meant to be in my room. He said it so cute I had to oblige. He stayed for about 10 min then went back to his bed. Then Chris cleaned the bathrooms with the boys!!! can't beat that. I finished sewing the squares together on Marian's quilt. Now just the boarder and then the back and we are done with Christmas shopping!!! Yes I went on a date with Will today and we got the last of our presents. So happy to be done with that. We came home from the date and saw Chris and Annmarie sharing a blanket watching TV. So cute! Then even best of all Ohio St lost to Michigan in football. We then went as a family to the YMCA and went swimming. This is our new Y that is way close and they have an almost zero depth pool. The kids loved it. There was a little slide and other fun things. Such a great night. Now Chris is off studying (finals start in a little over a week) and we are watching Muppet's Christmas Carol. Such a great story and a great version. Today has been a great day. I'm so lucky and thankful for the wonderful blessings I have. I'm thankful I started writing this blog. It has helped me to look at the positives of each day (plus it will make the other blog much easier). I'm thankful for that.

Friday, November 25, 2011

low key

I must admit that the best part of my day was playing Harry Potter (1- 4) on the Wii. Yes Chris and I went and did Black Friday at Walmart. . . . not doing that one again. I cannot believe how people get over $50. But Will and I played for a long time tonight. It is amazing how quickly time goes. Jed crashed on the couch watching and Annmarie and Jeffrey had fun watching. Got all of the Christmas shopping done (minus 2 things from Costco that I can get tomorrow without the kids) It is so nice to be done with the shopping! now just to finish the quilt for Marian. It was so nice to have nothing to do and no place to go! Chris has started to study more since he has finals in a week!! I cannot believe how fast this semester has gone. I realized that my thoughts are very unorganized etc, but I'm OK with that because that is who I am.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Today was beautiful!!!! I think it was about 65 here. So awesome. Chris came to the YMCA and did my heat class with me. I loved it! so nice to have him there. Then we came home and he and the kids rode bikes and had a great time outside. Being the wonderful husband that he is he knows of my love to decorate for Christmas. He brought all the boxes in the house (so sad I am down to 3 boxes!!! where did it all go!) The we decorated with the help of the kids. There were 4 wood uncolored ornaments left from last year and they colored them and hung them on the tree. I have come to the realization that our tree will never be beautiful by the standards of the world but I love the miss matched craziness that is my kids stuff. I cannot express in the right words how much I love my little family and the rest of my family. I could not be more blessed with the wonderful family that I have.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

1.99 happy meals

Jeffrey was at a birthday party and we were trying to find something for the other kids to do so they didn't feel so "left out." Well I remember that McDonald's has 1.99 happy meals on Wednesdays. So needless to say My other 3 kids think Chris and I are awesome parents because they got a new toy. . . and some food to go with it. I am amazed at how much entertainment these toys can bring.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Date night!

Since there is no school for Chris or the kids tomorrow our neighbor kindly watch our kids so Chris and I could go out. It is so nice to have time to talk about the kids, school, life etc without interruption.

another thing Will choked his brother today (this has happened before) while at the neighbors. Usually this behavior is reserved for just Chris and I. The part I liked best about this, yes there is a positive side. Was that I just spent about 15 minuets talking with him about good choices vs bad choice. and asking Heavenly Father for forgiveness. What blew me away was he said he hadn't made covenants with Heavenly Father yet. He is 7 and knows first off that word and how to use it in the correct context. We talked about the love his parents and Heavenly Father and Jesus have for him. I got to tell him a little bit about what the atonement really means (forgiveness). I'm so glad that I took the time to sit and talk with him on his bed so I could bear my testimony to him. I'm so glad I have a son who I know when he goes other places will make the correct choice. I love him and love the example he is to me and how much he knows about the gospel at such a young age. Thank you Heavenly Father for sending such a good child to me.

As I was getting up to leave the boys room Jed says mom help me with my prayers. I love that he wants to say his prayers and that he helps me to remember to ask all the kids to say their prayers

I then went into Annmarie's room and what is she reading? The picture Book of Mormon. Sometimes I wonder why I am so lucky to have such great kids. Thanks again Heavenly Father.

Monday, November 21, 2011


Why did I choose another blog. Well because I wanted to remember the good moments of each day. There will be very few photos here. This is a goal for the new year. 1 positive moment of each day. I'm just getting a jump on it early. Plus I've decided that I really need to focus on positive things from each day.

So best moment of today - Taking a nap with Jed (he was sick last night) then having Jeffrey come get in bed too. I was a mommy sandwich between 2 of my favorite boys. I love being a mom, and I love my kids!